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"'Digital Divide' is the distance between those who have computers and those who do not"
News Media (1998).
wight Stephenson, HOF Miami Dolphan Center Dwight Stephenson Foundation
(Bioson......Dwight Stephenso

"With tens of millions of usable computers being discarded each year, there is no longer any
........any reason for this to continue."
....Dwight Stephenson (1998)

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Dwight Stephenson..........

2015. Dwight's Computers for Kids' 18th year.*
We've had eightteen years of helping to impact kids and thus their development and and their education. We did this by simply giving them their very own computer. There is nothing more satisfying than helping kids, our kids, the ones that abound in communities all over our country.
Our qualification requirements, for kids to receive a computer, HAS CHANGED. Now its a little more inclusive. To our only requirement,'No computer in a home with a kid in it' we are adding "In homes with three or more kids and only one computer". So our eligibility requirements now includes, "homes that may have a computer in them but also has 3 or more kids." And in some instances we will also provide a computer to senior citizens who are living without access to the internet because they lack a computer..Helping senior citizens in our community is very satisfying too. They are just kids who got old.
As before, sincere thanks to our partners and all of the wonderful people and organizations who help us put computers in front of kids in South Florida. With your help, thousands of those kids are now demonstrating they can become better students with a computer at home.

In 2010 our volunteer partner, fraternity Delta Epsilon Psi at the University of Miami, began a program to deliver 50 computers to kids in Haiti from our Dwight's Computers for Kids program. This program was interrupted by the earthquate and was then completed in 2011, after power was restored. In 2011 Delta Epsilon Psi continued their program and 50 computers were delivered to Haiti to our program, giving kids without commputers their own computer.. Simple enough. We could not have done any of that without you and the help we received from the University of Miami.

And last year, 2014, we found some more seniors (older kids) in Public Housing without adequate equipment to keep up in the tech world. So we helped. They now have a conputer labs. Thanks to all.

We continue to get thanks from recipients and their families. These are meant equally to all of you who have been so generous. What a wonderful way to help the kids of all ages in our community. In that spirit we continue to suggest to every thinking person in our country,
.............................................................. ...........................................................................



*To see how 50 computers were shipped to Haiti in June 2011; (Click HERE.)

On February 11, 2006 Dwight joined a distinguished list of former Walter Camp 'Man of the Year' recipients which includes former NFL standout players, Roger Staubach, Gale Sayers, and Jim Kelly. The Walter Camp Award honors an individual who has been closely associated with the game of football as a player, coach or close attendant to the game. He must have contributed to the public service for the benefit of the community, the country and his fellow man. He must have an impeccable reputation for integrity and must be dedicated to our American Heritage and the philosophy of Walter Camp. In 1985, during his playing days, Dwight was honored and received the NFL/Miller Lite' 'Man of the Year' Award for his work in charity and reasons similar to the Walter Camp Honor. (See Bio).

.abc-cde is dedicated to the elimination of the 'digital divide'.
(If you see a PC thats ready to retire,.....Remember Dwight's kids, and what we desire.)

"In this century, having students in homes without a computing device and an internet connection would be similar to sending some students home in the 20th century without their textbooks, and then expecting them to do as well in the classroom", ...Andrea Taylor, Pres. Benton Foundation, at the National Press Club, 12/11/2002.

* In April, 2002, we delivered a computer to a pretty high school senior who already had her college major and career mapped out. After school she worked until 9PM, every day, for over 18 months .You see, she was raped at age 14 and would not consent to an abortion. Then, refusing to give up her beautiful daughter, she went to work, stayed in school,and got her own apartment.(One of many remarkable kids,) To see a picture of this remarkabe teen, its on page # 10, list below. . . . . . . . .GRADUATED !!



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This site will develop an index of links to child care information, running the gamut from 'bed wetting' to more serious problems.


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Is education a problem? Yes. That's quite clear.
Its been that way for many a year.
Now, you can help turn the tide,
Join with Dwight; remove the divide

Never has education been more important. To compete in the new future it is now necessary for children to make decisions about their education, at younger and younger ages. We will help by keeping our site updated with the latest information, with links to scholarship availability, foreign educational opportunities, etc.

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As the computer born information revolution continues, and while economic facts are changing fast, the Department of Commerce says; " even with outsourcing, new tech jobs will still number in the millions". And some forward thinkers, like 1998 NFL Hall of Fame inductee, Dwight Stephenson, (President of Dwight's Computers for Kids) suggest we could and should develop many of our 'techies' from an untapped resource of potential talent. Our own children in low income homes.

The above thoughts by Dwight have been on our home page since day one in 1998.
The September 12, 2005 issue of Business Week, in their 'Readers Report'
column, contains a letter from Elmer L. Winter, (former President of Manpower Inc.} who suggests the terms 'corporate self interest' and 'doing good' should be interchangeable.
He states, "We need to reinvigorate our poorer communities so that we will have a competent future work force to compete successfully with China, India and other countries, in the years to come." Proof other 'forward thinkers' agree with Dwight.


Dwight, (Miami Dolphins Hall of Famer) is considered by most football experts to be the greatest lineman who ever played center. He is thoroughly emmeshed in his own construction company and his other varied business and financial interests, but he cares about the future for these children. He states; "We are overlooking these kids. If we don't do something now, they will be left behind, making it more difficult for them to catch up to the kids who have computers."

Early in 1998 the idea for our 'Dwight's Computers for Kids' program was born. A program to collect surplus, working, computer equipment from corporations and individuals who are upgrading to newer versions. To refurbish the equipment and award it to deserving kids from low income, computerless households. And to provide the kind of software that will help familiarize them with their new educational tool.

Today, our 'Dwight's Computers for Kids' program is developing a blueprint of our program which can be utilized throughout the country, to help us reach our goal, TOTAL ELIMINATION of THE DIGITAL DIVIDE.

Talk about remarkable kids, one of our earliest recipients, (now in high school) 11 year old St. John Fortune was number one in Math in the State of Florida, was in the 94th percentile in reading and he captained his 5th grade chess team to a third place finish in the US, after they won first place in Florida. All this before he had his Dwight's computer. He lives with ELEVEN siblings in a Miami apartment. (1999)
Dwight is right. St. John, and other kids like him, need our help. And they need it now. With that help making a bridge over the 'digital divide', they will have a fairer opportunity in their educational future.

............................................ ...................Dwight awards computers for United Cerebral Palsy's new computer room.
Lake Worth, Palm Beach County..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ............
licTell us how to handle this surplus, equipment? Do we. .

(1) help pollute the environment and send it to the trash heap? Or..

(2) do we refurbish and tell Robert (below) he can take one home

..... .
Unlike the equipment in pictures (1) (2), which went to kids, the above surplus school equipment was scrapped. ............................................................................................

And, YES, Robert, its yours, you CAN keep it.

On the following pages you can see more kids like Robert. Dwight's kids. All are good students. Some also excel in sports. Among them are Miami Herald Silver Knight nominees, a school newspaper publisher, essay and attendance winners, and students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Not only here and in every city in Florida, but every city in our Country is full of similarly remarkable kids. They are just like Dwight's kids on the next pages, they too dream of having their own computer. Click on a number (below) and see the look in their faces when the dream comes true. Sometimes, you can 'feel' their joy. (1999)

Click 'HERE' to meet more Dwight's Kids,
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See Dwight in action,(Dwight Bio page) click 'HERE

Digital divide?? That's no way.
Not here!! Its unnessary in the U.S.A.

2010 Principal Award winner, Gio, Beach Hi, Miami Beach
2008 Toussaint Elem. winners, with HGK and Dr.Liliane Delbor, Principal
2009 Principal winners, Beach Hi, Miami Beach

....The PRINCIPAL'S AWARD. A parents delight.
................Shows encouragement, hard work; applied just right

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"Computer equipment from Dwight, brings miles of smiles and lots of delight."

We join with our community to salute Pat Riley and the Heat,
In the 2006 NBA Championships, they would not be beat.


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Now what team wants to take it away.





























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